Multi Head Pouch Packing Machine



    As have discussed that company provides every kind of packing system. Then it is so necessary how company manage the weight of a large amount of products for packing and in keeping from one place to another place with ease and carefulness. Along with all picking up multi things at time is most preferred action for a bigger company.
    Therefore, for more fast working multi products picking, company uses multi head weigher. This machine so fast, accurate and reliable uses picking both food and non-food products. The Ishida invented this machine in 1970s year into the food industry across the world. Today this machine is so helpful and thankful for picking up multi weighed products at a time.
    Most helpful for business:

    Filling Bags:

    The bag range is immense that filled by multi head weigher and at one end of the scale are large catering packs of many kilograms.

    Mix weighing:

    The products containing eight components can be mix into a multi-head-weigher . This multi head weigher divided into section with its infeed.

    Keeping into Trays:

    This machine well planned with engineered distribution system and combines each product in a row and with the speed and accuracy. Provide every product into tray with speed of accuracy and reliability.